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The application will be available October 1, 2016


WOASF awards approximately 50 scholarships each year averaging $3,000 each.  In addition to WOASF scholarships, your application may be considered for our administered scholarships:

 Maritime Patrol Assoc.                                                         VAW/VRC 

                        USS Nimitz                                                                 USS Harry S. Truman

                        USS Carl Vinson                                                       USS Theodore Roosevelt

                        USS Gerald R. Ford                                                  USS Abraham Lincoln

Please see our administered scholarship page for eligibility information.


Please read all instructions before proceeding to the application page

If you have pre-qualified in the past, please contact Melissa Garrison, Scholarship Administrator, at to update your applicant ID information.

The Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation is sponsoring scholarships to further the post-secondary education of deserving students.  Last year, this foundation assisted 50 deserving dependents. Scholarships are to be used only for tuition and tuition based fees charged by the college for A.A, A.S., B.A, B.S. or Technical Certification.  This is for undergraduate work only.  Reserve Officer Candidate Program (full scholarship students, including service academies) or any other full scholarship recipients are not eligible.  Awards will be made on the basis of scholastic proficiency, extracurricular activities, community contributions, life experience and character of the applicant.  All personal information is redacted so the selection committee hosts a “blind” reading.  Should a scholarship recipient not maintain the required criteria (ex: dropping out) the scholarship award must be returned or reimbursed to the Foundation.

Dependent Children Candidates: Children are defined as: natural born, adopted or step-children, unmarried, up to the age of 22 on March 1st of applying year.  Those who are children of a sponsor must be graduates or graduating seniors of an accredited high school or an equivalent home school or institution and must plan to attend an accredited academic institution during the 2016-2017 school year.  College students must be enrolled in an accredited Trade/Technical School, College or University as a full time student taking a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester in order to graduate with a A.A., A.S., B.A. or B.S. degree or industry certification.  Children of a sponsor can receive a total of up to four (4) years of awards.

Dependent Spouse Candidates: Those who are spouses of a sponsor must plan to be, or are currently enrolled in an accredited Trade/Technical School, College or University as a full time or part time student, taking a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester (12 per year) in order to graduate with an A.A., A.S., B.A. or B.S. degree or industry certification.  Spouses may receive an unlimited number of awards.

The Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation requires students to pre-qualify for scholarship eligibility before submitting a scholarship application.  The purpose of this pre-qualification screening is to establish eligibility based on both the applicant's dependent status and the applicant's sponsor’s service.  Applicants must meet one of the eligibility requirements below.


Candidates eligible for Scholarship Awards are as follows:

  1. Dependents of active duty members or former members (retired, honorably discharged or deceased) of the U.S. Navy.
  2. Qualifying Time
  •  Sponsor must have served at least eight (8) years of active duty, ADSW (Active Duty Special Duty, such as a Reservist who has been called upon to work full time for a specified amount of time) or a combination of both within the United States Naval Air Forces.  These periods may be non-consecutive. Minimum 8 year requirement may be waived for Spouse Applicants.
  • Sponsors’ qualifying time may not be:
                        a. Time served in “Boot Camp”
                        b. Time spent as a Naval Academy, NROTC Midshipman, or OCS
                        c. Time spent in Flight School
                        d. Time spent as a member of the inactive or Selected Naval Reserve
         3.  Qualifying Commands: Sponsor must have served within the United States Naval Air Forces. This includes subordinate activities and units of the United States Naval Air Forces, both ashore and afloat, whose primary mission is support of the Naval Air Force. Examples are as follows: 
    • Air stations or facilities (Naval Air Stations, Naval Air Facilities and tenant commands)
    • Aircraft carriers
    • Air Wings and Staff
    • Aviation squadrons
    • Personnel with assignments in aviation billets on amphibious ships (LHA/LHD etc.)

 Eligibility Note: Any spouse or child (natural born, adopted or step-child) of a member of the U.S. Navy who has died while on active duty serving with a Naval Air Force unit as described above, may qualify, regardless of the length of service of the deceased parent.

Pre-Qualification Requirements: The pre-qualification will include the following information from the applicant:

I. Completed pre-qualification form.

II. Proof of dependency (choose one):

                                             Copy of applicant ID card, front only. 

                                             Copy of page 2

                                             Copy of a certified Birth Certificate

                                             Copy of 1040 Tax Return

III. Attached proof of sponsor eligibility:

1. Enlisted Dependent Applications:

a.    Aviation Rated Personnel - (AE, AO, ABE) -  submit proof of rating and a copy of one (1) re-enlistment to total at least 6 years.
b.    Aviation Support Personnel – (YN, PN, HM etc.) must submit proof of serving six (6) years in commands that report to US Naval Air Forces (squadrons, carriers, CAG staff etc.).  The following are examples of paperwork that may be submitted for proof of service in aviation commands:
   i.     The Administrative Data and Career History pages of their Electronic Training Jacket, Performance Summary Report   or photocopies of your service record NAVPERS 1070/605 History of Assignments (Page 5) and/or DD 214’s.
2. Officer Dependent Applications  – the sponsor must have served eight (8) years in Naval Aviation commands. The following documents may be submitted for proof of service in aviation commands:
a.    Active Duty/ Active Duty Retired
   i.     Officer Data Card (additional documentation may be required), Officer Record Brief or Front page of Detaching FITREP from Aviation commands (totaling 8 years).
b.    Reservist/Reservist Retired
   i.     Officer Data Card (additional documentation may be required), Officer Record Brief or Front page of Detaching FITREP from Aviation commands (totaling 8 years) AND
   ii.     Annual Retirement Point Record to account for your activated reserve time.


Useful Links:

When requesting service record information, please allow 30 days to receive the documents.

Pre-Qualification Notes:

  • Candidates who have a sibling or a parent who has previously pre-qualified, must still submit a pre-qualification form.  However, documentation of the sponsor’s service in Naval Aviation does not need to be resubmitted.   Please indicate the name of the family member who has pre-qualified in the "Verification of Assignment in Naval Air Forces or Subordinate Command(s)"
     section of the pre-qualification form.
  • Reapplying - Already Qualified? Please contact Melissa Garrison, Scholarship Administrator, at to update your applicant ID information.

The application process will open October 1st.

Pre-qualifications must be electronically submitted no later than February 1, 2017.  No faxed or emailed pre-qualification forms will be accepted. The  Pre-qualification link is available on this site. After submitting your pre-qualification or application forms, if you have not received an e-mail regarding your status within 10 business days after submitting the form, you should e-mail us at to ensure it was received.   

Once a candidate has been qualified, the full application will be enabled by the Scholarship Administrator and the candidate can complete the application. The application will be due in its entirety by March 1, 2017  (transcripts postmarked by March 1, 2017); completion of the pre-qualification form as early as possible will help you meet this second deadline!  All forms (excluding transcripts) should be uploaded with the application . Transcripts can be mailed to:

 Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation

Attn: Scholarship Administrator

4966 Euclid Road Suite 109

Virginia Beach VA 23462

The application is now closed.

Questions???  If you have any questions, please e-mail us at, be sure to put as the subject line of your email "WOA - your last name" (for example WOA - Smith), or call 757-671-3200 ~ ext. 117

Please note:  All application PDF forms must first be saved, then completed and then uploaded.

For helpful tips on the scholarship and college application process, visit our Blog - Tuesday's Tips. 

The Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, nationality, national or ethnic origin, or religion in the administration of any of its educational policies, programs, and operations.





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“As a Naval Aviator I understand the challenges these families face in support of their military member. WOASF works to provide college scholarships to dependents of Naval Aviation to help them realize their educational goals. I applaud the work of Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation and encourage others to support this worthy foundation.”

President George H. W. Bush