• Dependent children and spouses of Navy personnel from the Aviation community; Officer and Enlisted, active duty, retired, honorably discharged or deceased.
  • Applicants may be High School Seniors or already enrolled in college.
  • Service member sponsor must have served in Naval Aviation Commands for a total of 6-8 years*.


  • Trade/Technical School and College Scholarships
  • First undergraduate degree only - NOT for Master's Degrees
  • Most awards are for one year, but the applicant can apply multiple years.
  • Scholarships currently average $3800 and covers tuition only - NOT room and board. 
  • Annually award 50 scholarships made up of one time scholarships and several renewable scholarships
  • WOASF also administers other aviation scholarships, so one application may enable you to apply for several scholarships.  Administered scholarships may be applied to tuition, fees, room and/or board as the sponsoring organization designates.


  • Pre-qualification application is available beginning October 1st.
  • The Pre-qualification application and supporting documentation must be submitted by February 1st.
  • Application and all supporting materials must be submitted by March 1st.


  • Anywhere! Dependents from around the world are eligible to apply.


  • Click on the application tab for more information and deadlines
  • You will be asked for official transcripts, recommendation (s) and essays.


  • Start your application by first reading all requirements and then begin with Step I - the pre-qualification. Click here to begin.


Are Marine and Coast Guard aviators eligible?

  • No, only dependents of U.S. Navy personnel may apply

Can the service member apply?

  • No, this is only for dependents

Do I receive the scholarship award?

  • Scholarship checks are mailed directly to the school, college or university

How often can I win?

  • Dependent children can win an award 4 times (need not be consecutive years)
  • Dependent spouses have no limitation on the number of awards they can win

What do I need from my sponsor to apply?

  • You will need documentation stating that your sponsor served in the US Navy in Aviation Commands for a minimum of 6-8 years*. You may use a ODC, DD-214, Electronic Training Jacket or Fit-reps. Please see our application tab for more detailed information.

What criteria do you use to select winners?

  • We have 6 equally weighted categories: scholastic achievement, extra-curricular activities, work/internships, community service, recommendations and essay. Financial need may be considered if the FAFSA is submitted. We are looking for well rounded students.

Can I receive a scholarship if I already get financial aid?

  • For Fall of 2020, most scholarships are $4,200 and some are renewable. Scholarships can only be used for tuition charged by the college.  If you receive partial funding through state grants or other scholarships that reduce your unmet tuition need to less than your scholarship award, your original award may be reduced so it will not exceed your unmet need for tuition. Awards may not be used to cover other unmet needs such as, but not limited to, room, board, transportation, books, health fees, etc.
  • If you receive a full scholarship or service academy appointment, you may not receive the scholarship.

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