Each week we will add a new tip to help you with your scholarship search, college application or funding a college education.


Why are Americans so in love with the idea of a four-year college education? It’s glamorized on TV, movies and honestly you can’t go a full day without seeing an ad for an online university. Where is the trade school representation?
You've been to orientation and explored your dorm room, now it's time to think about how you're going to furnish it. More importantly, how are you going to get everything there without a UHaul?
It’s that time in the summer vacation that a little reality drops in – College orientation. While some schools started back in June, many really ramp up during July. So, what should you know about college orientation, both as a student and a parent?
I know what you're thinking - School just let out a few weeks ago, can't I just enjoy some time off? Unfortunately, the answer is "No"!
How do you know that college is really interested in you?
December 1st is often the deadline for institutional scholarships - don't miss out!
Early Action deadlines are around the corner - are you ready?
The early bird catches the worm, but what worm are you focusing on, early action or early decision? Do you know the difference?
The College Scholarship Services Profile is used in addition to the FAFSA and helps colleges determine aid that is NOT federally funded; awards that...
While October 1st is still about 2 weeks away, the date is something that looms over the heads of all parents of soon to be college students - the opening of the FAFSA Application!!

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