In-State Tuition for Veterans and Their Family Members

As many of you might know, the Veteran’s Accountability Act helps ease the problems with access to VA health care.  In addition to the many changes in health care, the bill also included giving Veterans and their family members access to in-state tuition across all public institutions.  This is great news, however there is some fine print.

Post 9/11 GI Bill - Veterans and dependent students must be using the GI Bill in order to be considered for in-state tuition (in a state in which you currently don't reside). If you have already used those benefits for another member of your family, you may be out of luck.

Three (3) Year Separation - For a dependent to be considered for the in-state tuition, he/she must be enrolling in that school within three years of the sponsors separation from the service. Once enrolled, he/she will maintain that status for the duration of their time at the university as long as there is no break in their attendance.

Intent to Establish Residency - Schools may require an intent to establish residency by the students before granting the in-state tuition. This law is intended to assist veterans in transition who may not have established any residency during their time in service.  While many of the benefits can be applied to dependents, be sure to consult with the prospective school to be sure you meet all requirements.

Yellow Ribbon

 What if you are attending a private school, how can you maximize your benefits, see if the school participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program which can help lower or eliminate your tuition bill. To find information pertaining to your individual school click here

But what if you are still on Active Duty, can your dependents still get in-state tuition?  That answer is more complicated.  You may qualify for in-state tuition in the state in which you are serving, your home of record (what is listed on your LES) and/or, if your family lives elsewhere while you “Geobatch”, the state in which they currently reside. The Veteran’s Accountability Act does not extend to Active Duty families; however, many schools are honoring the in-state tuition price anyway.  Call the Veteran’s Office at your school to see if they are offering in-state tuition to active duty families, you may be pleasantly surprised by their answer.

For more details for in-state rules for Veteran’s, Active Duty and Dependents click here.

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