July 31, 2018 - Why NOT Trade Schools?

So Why NOT a Trade School?

Driving to work this morning, through what might be characterized as an industrial park, I couldn’t help but notice all the help wanted/now hiring signs. There were at least half a dozen businesses, everything from HVAC, Electrician, Car maintenance, etc. looking to fill positions.  As the mother of a recent college graduate (who is still navigating resumes and interviews 8 weeks out of college) I thought, “Wow, if you are a skilled professional, there are definitely jobs and careers readily available for you.”

Why are Americans so in love with the idea of a four-year college education?  It’s glamorized on TV, movies and honestly you can’t go a full day without seeing an ad for an online university. Where is the trade school representation?

Without getting into tons of statistics (all beautifully laid out in this article by Trent Hamm), trade school graduate salaries are not much different than college graduate salaries and when you factor in time in school (2 vs. 4 years) and cost of the education (averaging $70, 000 vs. $130,000), you may come out ahead after a trade school.  There is also the factor of job security, we will always need our car/HVAC/appliances repaired and the more household items that include advanced technology, trades will only increase.

Now of course, a four-year college education can lead to a wonderful, fulfilling life, but let’s talk about the other options with our high school students.  I think we all agree that we don’t want students graduating high school without a plan, but that plan doesn’t always have to include “traditional” college.  

Thinking about Trade School?  Don’t forget WOASF offers trade school and community college scholarships too!

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