October 9, 2018 What is the CSS?

What is the CSS? Well, no one knows what the letters stand for, but it is a supplemental financial aid form that goes beyond the FAFSA.  First things first – everyone should file the FAFSA!  Do you have to file a CSS?  If you are applying to one of these schools, then yes!

This application, run by the College Board, is a bit more comprehensive than the FAFSA and may take more than one sitting to complete, but you can save and return at any time. You will also need more than your current year tax returns so be sure to have all your financial information handy; including bank records, stock and bond portfolios and more.

There is a fee associated with filing the CSS, $25 includes the initial application and the first school.  Additional schools may be added for $16 each. Waivers can be obtained, click here for eligibility.  Don’t delay in filing because just like with the FAFSA, schools have priority deadlines for financial aid and scholarships.  Get started here.  Good Luck!

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