Tuesday July 18,2017

Tuesday July 18,2017

College is expensive, I think we can all agree on that. How do we make ends meet over the next four years? STUDENT Discounts!  Don't be afraid to ask everywhere you go. Here are a few great deals:

Amazon Student Prime - gives you 6 mos. of free Prime access and then 50% off after that for four years (or until you graduate which ever is less). This means cheaper textbooks, dorm supplies and video streaming.

STA Travel - Traveling abroad was unbelievably for my college aged daughter through STA. I thought there had to be a catch, but it all worked out just fine. You can also book spring break trips to great destinations. 

FedEx - Want to ship your winter clothes back home?  FedEx offers up to a 30% discount for students. 

Remember you never know until you ask - so ask.  College students are known for eating Ramen noodles, if you get some discounts on things you buy everyday, you could upgrade to cold cereal!

For more discounts visit The Simple Dollar.

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