Tuesday, June 6th

Rising Seniors, it's time to prepare! Last few weeks of school? There's so much you can do to jump start your college application process:

  • Ask for teacher recommendations now!  Your great work is fresh in their minds, you'll be the first to ask so they can fully concentrate on you and it's one less thing to do in the first week of school, when they are hectic trying to start their year.
  • The Common App (and many other college applications) is now available. At the very least, you can fill in the biographical information, but you may want to tackle the essay while you still have access to your English teacher.
  • Do something every day! You will have two months off from the grueling student life (okay maybe you'll be laboring over AP assignments or working at a summer job but still, you'll have more free time).  Take advantage of some of that free time by doing ONE thing for your college process EVERY DAY.  Maybe it's a visit to campus (or at least an online search), or writing important deadlines in your calendar. If you do a little bit each day, you'll be done before September even gets here and be surprised at how "easy" the process was. Remember how you eat an elephant - one bite at a time!    
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