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Four Year Awards

Renewable scholarships are the best way to make a signifcant difference in the life of a scholar while giving them financial security. With renewable scholarships, scholars don't have to worry if the funding will be available to them for the coming years thus making it less stressful when planning for tuition. Often this funding allows a scholar the opportunity to go to an institution they might not be able to afford otherwise. 

Each $20,000 donation will receive a four-year renewable scholarship. These Scholarships will be awarded at the current level for each scholarship season and may be named for the donor in recognition of their support or recognized as an Honorary or Memorial scholarship named as the donor desires.

Please contact our office at your earliest convenience so we may further discuss your renewable scholarship.

Endowed Scholarships

Donors who wish to create a legacy celebrating or memorializing a loved one may establish an Endowed Renewable Scholarship that, for a donation of $125,000, is structured to award a named scholarship for a minimum of 30 years

To establish the endowment, a donor will notify WOASF of their intent to fund an endowed scholarship. Once notified, the foundation will establish a standalone account to contain the funds, and it will be named as the donor desires. Donations to an endowed scholarship can be made in any amount and the scholarship will be considered “fully funded” when the account value reaches $125,000.  Donors will have a maximum of five years to reach this goal.

WOASF will not fundraise for any specific endowed scholarship but will
advertise all endowed scholarship funds in the WOASF newsletter and on the WOASF website.

For more information on our Endowed Renewable Scholarship Program contact Andrea Diamond at or call 757-228-3314.

President George H. W. Bush
Memorial Scholarship

CAPT Brad Johanson, USN (Ret.)
Memorial Scholarship

Ross and Deidre Myers Scholarship


Pratt & Whitney Scholarship


WAOSF Fallen Heroes Scholarship



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