Memorial and Honorarium Donations

There is no better way to pay tribute and honor a loved one than by providing life-changing opportunities for a student's future.
Celebrate the life of a family member or friend by making a donation in their memory or honor. 

Donations can be made by simply noting the name on your donation.  
Once your gift is received, the Foundation will send a note to the honoree or family acknowledging your gift.

Change a life and honor those who made a difference in yours by making a Memorial/Honorarium donation


USNA Columbarium

Remembered by Memorial Donations in 2023

VADM Richard "Sweetpea" Allen, USN
Mrs. Diane Brennan
RADM Steve Briggs, USN (Ret.)
AWS1 James Buriak, USN
CAPT Robert Byng, USN (Ret.)
AWS1 Jonathan Clement, USN
LT Steven E. Combs, USN
LT Paul R. Fridley, USN
Abby Furco
CWO Jonathan Gibson, USN
RADM Jack Godlewski, USN
Mr. Dave Golden
AOAA Bryan Grosso, USN
Ruby Jernigan
LCDR Landon L. Jones, USN
LT Matthew "11" Lowe, USN
VADM Michael D. Malone, USN (Ret.)
RADM Thomas A. Meinicke, USN (Ret.)
CAPT Thomas R. Metz, USN (Ret.)
LT Kieran "Tater" O'Conner, USN
LT Wes Van Dorn, USN
LCDR Charles Z. Walker, USN
LT Nathan "Beefcake" Williams, USN


Paid Tribute by Honorarium Donations in 2023

Jackson and Lauren Adams
Ensign Charles J. Harris, USN
VADM Ross A. Myers, USN (Ret.)
Joel Nogle
RADM Rich and Eileen O'Hanlon, USN (Ret.)
VADM and Mrs. Mike Shoemaker, USN (Ret.)
VADM Denby Starling, USN(Ret.)


Celebrate a graduation, birthday, anniversary or any life event. Honor your family or friends and the great work they do in the community with a donation in their name.

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